The 999 Academy is open to all young people aged 16yrs to 19yrs.

The 999 Academy is committed to equal opportunity for all young people and we will make reasonable adjustments where possible to support young people with disabilities to access a 999 Academy course.

Whilst recruitment processes may be subject to localisation, previous courses have followed the type of process below:

  • Recruitment for a new 999 Academy course is best placed through the college where the course will be based. Depending on decisions made by the 999 Academy Local Management Team, young people may be recruited either just from the college partner or it may be open to all young people within a particular area.
  • Recruitment will be advertised on the 999 Academy website and on the websites of the college and blue light services involved in the 999 Academy. Press releases to the local media will also be used.
  • Once recruitment is open, an application form can be downloaded which can then be submitted online.
  • From there, a paper-sift is carried out to ensure applicants meet the criteria of age, and residency etc.
  • After that, applicants may be invited to a selection day where they will be tested on observation skills, dexterity, team working and fitness. They will then be interviewed by members of the Local Management Team and Operational Delivery Team so we can learn more about the applicant and their reasons for applying.