South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust

The Trust is delighted to be a driving force behind this programme. The opportunity this affords young people is nothing like we have ever been able to offer.

By working with young people we can help create safer communities who are empowered to act in emergencies ahead of further care which may be required, or to recognise when alternative medical support is required.

Inspiring young people to learn lifesaving skills and to take part in social action will help set them out from others in the career path and equip them for everyday life.

“I believe the 999 Academy has been one of the most significant initiatives aimed specifically at young people in the South West for many years. Speaking to many of the students at the recent Bridgwater Graduation ceremony their confidence and enthusiasm for the future was palpable. The life skills learned during the safe and supportive environment this program offers would be hard to find anywhere. We are very fortunate that this program exists in the South West and is expanding here rapidly, but it’s something that should be available to all young people interested in a career in the emergency services or any of its related professions and I would urge other counties to take up the initiative.”

Ken Wenman, Chief Executive, South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust

South Western Ambulance Service


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