Want to be a Partner?

Step One – Open a dialogue

A 999 Academy needs the collaboration of the ambulance, fire and police services in the local area and ideally a college of further education. Where you choose to locate a course is up to you. Consideration will need to be made as to how you will resource it, i.e. who are your ODT members and where are they based? After a conversation with your partners, and a declaration of interest, go to Step Two.

Step Two – Host a 999 Academy Workshop

We can bring members of other 999 Academy courses, as well as current and past students, to speak with you and your prospective team about their experiences of being involved in the 999 Academy.

Step Three – The 999 Academy Box

Once a decision is made to start a new 999 Academy course, then a product called “The 999 Academy Box” will be made available to the LMT and ODT via restricted login access on our website www.999academy.co.uk

This product contains all the information needed to set up a course, including application form templates, lesson plans, and risk assessments. It will include all the processes to ensure brand and standardisation for all 999 Academy courses, whilst allowing for localisation.

999 Academy uniforms, branding materials and media supplies will be available from the 999 Academy Lead Officer based at SWASFT Trust HQ in Exeter, Devon.